5 restaurants to visit in Lagos with a budget of 10k or less

5 restaurants to visit in Lagos with a budget of 10k or less

Lagos is home to some of the finest things and that includes good local food and food from all over the world. You can go from small kiosks to fancy ambient restaurants.

However, things can get a little expensive and in these times, ways to have a good food experience and still save some money is necessary.

So we invited the top leading restaurant and food critic in Africa, Uju Amaeshi, for a little chat. 

Uju is a restaurant and food critic and has grown to become a restaurant consultant under the company, The Tang Impact. On a regular day, she’s a product manager who is also an emerging tech developer.



“I would describe myself as a curious person because my background was food biochemistry and now in more ways than one, I want to build solutions that concern food, restaurants, and consumer goods.”

We proceeded to the question on every Lagosians’ minds;

Are fancy restaurants worth it? 

“I think fancy restaurants are worth it. The art of eating out isn’t supposed to be convenient as walking into your mum's kitchen and for every experience, there is a price. Some are affordable and some are luxurious. You have to choose your experience.”, Uju answered

That said, no one needs to break the bank before having a nice meal. 

“There are nice affordable restaurants in Lagos. The problem is everyone is looking at the obvious ones. I visited a restaurant called Indigo this weekend and they have even Sri Lankan cuisines for meals as affordable at 4k. Literally culinary tourism but everyone is going with the crowd.”

5 restaurants to visit in Lagos with a budget of 10k or less

1. Gusto Lagos

 Location: Etim Inyang Cres, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

By reservation only.


2. Maison Kaiyser 

 Location: Osborne Road, Ikoyi/Alliance Française

Read the review.


3. China Town 

 Location: Idowu Martins St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

China town restaurant

4. Chocolat Royal

 Location: Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island


5. Tittos Place

 Location: Oriwu street Elf b/stop Lekki. Lagos



We then asked Uju what her favorite restaurant is and she replied “My favorite restaurant is yet to be found. Sometimes it might be a hole in the wall or fine dining but I do not believe I’ve seen it all enough to conclude”

The future of food is so fun even in Uju’s imagination and she’s excited to be part of the story, and so are we. 

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