7 comfortable and stylish fashion trends to wear in 2022

7 comfortable and stylish fashion trends to wear in 2022

Nothing beats looking good and feeling good at the same time and that’s why we’ve made this list.

You might be used to the saying that beauty comes with pain, but that’s not entirely true and these trends prove it. 

The 2020 pandemic brought about the rise of loungewear like sweatshirts and joggers, then the revival of the trend of sleepwear like slip dresses and day pajamas sets. 

But as we’re getting back to normal in 2022, the need and desire to show up all glammed up is back. Still, all we’ve learned about fashion and comfort for the past few years shouldn’t be tossed out. 

You can show up stylish for any event or place, whether work, school, or a party without sacrificing comfort.  

The short of it: style and comfort shouldn't be two separate entities 

So here are

7 fashion trends in 2022 that are both comfortable and stylish. 

 1. Jackets/blazers 

Black blazeryellow blazer

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From oversized single and double-breasted blazers to cropped blazers, a blazer is one of the essential pieces everyone should have in their closet.

You should also know that they are one of the hottest trends right now especially when they’re in bright colors, yellow being the trendiest.

The best part is they’re quite functional and comfortable plus they can be styled in various ways; with a plain white t-shirt and a good pair of jeans or a tank top and a midi skirt with sneakers or even on their own.

They are so many ways to play with it and stand out but remain comfortable. 

Read more about the blazer trend.

 2. Shorts 

Denim shortsShort set


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Shorts are some of the most comfortable and easy-to-wear items you can have in your closet and they’ve made a good comeback. They’re so cute and give such an effortless look.

You can opt for denim shorts, khaki shorts, biker shorts, tailored shorts (that can be paired nicely with blazers), or even beach shorts at any short length you prefer. Oh, not to forget, short sets. A short with a blazer or top to go with it.

Shorts are versatile, stylish, and comfortable because they provide breathing space for your legs. 

Plus all the cool girls wear them.

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3. Maxi skirt 

Boho denim maxi skirtmaxi skirt


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If you’re not into the mini skirt trend and you’re looking for a more comfortable option that’s still stylish, then maxi skirts are the way to go.

The ankle-length skirt has a nice silhouette whether it’s low-waisted or high-waisted. It comes in many styles like boho, straight, checkered, patterned, and so on.

What’s better than a denim maxi shirt with a striped sweatshirt? Easy to style for any occasion, comfortable, and elegant. 

See ways to style your maxi skirt 

4. Knit and crochet wear 

crochet wearknit wear


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On every runway of big fashion brands this year, there’s a type of fabric that cannot be missed, knit or crochet.

The trend may have started in the pandemic as DIY projects or sweater vests from small businesses but they’re a big deal now and we love it.

It’s the perfect meld of comfort and style as the materials themselves are quite comfortable and chic.

From intricate designs in long knitwear dresses to sweatshirts, tank tops, and matching sets, even crochet bodysuits, they can be styled in a versatile and easy way. 

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5. Oversized shirts

blue oversized shirt with cream colored trouserswhite oversized shirt as gown


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With the right pair of oversized shirts, you can own any room. At the start of 2022, it was clear that voluminous silhouettes like large puff sleeves and broad shoulders were going to be big, including the fan favorite for everyday style, oversized shirts. 

Oversized button-down shirts are a classic staple for good reason. They can be styled tucked in or laid bare with a nice pair of jeans, leather or tailored pants, cargo skirts, name anything, and they’re classy. 

Of course, they’re on our list today because they’re not just classy but also quite comfortable.

6. Sweat pants 

black sweat pantswhite sweat pants


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Sweat pants combine the at-home look we all want with street style and hear me out, they can feel stylish and luxurious too.

These pieces have had their fair share of fame and just because we’re no longer on lockdown doesn’t mean they need to reside at the far ends of your closet because they can be styled up too.

All you have to do is find a well-tailored pair with nice details like a wide leg or a slit at the hemline and pair them with basics like a sweater or a plain shirt. 

How to style sweatpants.

7. Mules 

black loafer mulesbrown heel mule


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The list wouldn’t be complete without adding a comfortable pair of the most essential accessory; shoes and as you’ve guessed, mules made it to the list.

We’ve seen the platform shoe rage all over and while I'm a sucker for those, the more comfortable and still trendy option to have would be mules. 

Mules are a style of shoes with no constraint at the heel and can come in different types and heights. They can be paired with dresses, skirts, and even suits to give a stylish and classy look that’s also comfy. 


What’s your favorite trend and what other fashion items do you think should be added to the list?


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    seriously though this is very nice, very informative. but would you encourage any (and every) fashion style so far as it’s stylish and the wearer finds it comfortable for them?

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    Crocs would be the perfect shoes to go with those sweatpants! 😹

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