How to stay safe and healthy during the rainy season in Nigeria

How to stay safe and healthy during the rainy season in Nigeria

April to October, that’s the rainy season in Nigeria and it’s important to know just how to stay safe and healthy this period.

If you were a farmer, that’ll be the planting season, a good time for crops to grow and a good time for the aquatic animals but for many other people, it’s the season of muddy waters, unnecessary traffic caused by rain, difficulty going out, sore throat, cold, catarrh, flu, to just name a few things. 

And even when it’s just cold outside and not raining, it still poses a threat. 

The rainy season brings its favors too, like cool weather, a now socially acceptable reason to wear the turtle necks and sweatshirts you’ve had in your closet for a while now, or just the feeling of being cozy. 

Quick question; heat over the cold? Or cold over heat? Let us know in the comments.

Whatever your preference is, the season is upon us. To avoid accidents, and keep yourself safe and healthy, we’ve put together a list of rainy season tips. 

Tips to stay safe and healthy during the rainy season in Nigeria.

1. Stay warm

A sweater, hot cup of tea and glasses for staying warm in the rainy season in Nigeria

Whether it rains or not, it’s mostly cold and it’s best to cover up nicely. When you’re at home, a blanket and a hot cup of tea/coffee will warm you up just fine. And maybe you want to turn down that AC or fan too. 

When stepping out, make sure to wear a cardigan, sweater, turtle neck, coat, or sweatshirt. If you’re worried, like me, that the weather can switch up during the day and become hot, that’s where layering comes in. 

Wear a tank top, a small top, or a t-shirt right before you layer with the aforementioned pieces so you can easily take them off when you feel the need to. See, safe, practical, and stylish. 

2. Be weather conscious

A weather forecast image for be weather conscious to stay safe and healthy this rainy season in Nigeria

Before heading out, make sure to check the weather and traffic information through reliable sources like the news on the radio, TV, and the internet (where you’re reading this).

No one can predict the weather 100% accurately, but those in charge of that field do a pretty neat job.

Having this information would allow you to make calculated decisions like what routes to pass to avoid traffic or where not to go to avoid a downpour.

3. Have your rain gear 

An umbrella for having rain gears to stay safe and healthy this rainy season in Nigeria

Bring out your trusty umbrellas, raincoats, shower caps, and rubber shoes/covers cause they would come in handy. 

You might be worried about cramping up your style but unfortunately, the rain doesn’t care about that much so you’ll just have to find a way to make it all work. 

4. Take warm showers

A shower head to depict taking warm showers to stay safe and healthy this rainy season in Nigeria

Put aside the cold showers for now because warm/hot showers are the reasonable way to go unless you’re planning to have a cold (so you have an excuse from work). 

It’s even more reason that if you get drenched in rain, you should take a warm shower as soon as you can to raise your body temperature. 

And honestly, it feels good. Think of being in a sauna. 

5. Protect yourself from infections

A rain puddle depicting viruses and infections that can occur this rainy season in Nigeria

All sorts of viruses and infections causing illnesses like fever, flu, common cold, etc, are out now so you want to protect yourself from those by always being hygienic. 

Wash your hands regularly and sanitize. Always be well covered and avoid stepping in any dirty puddles. 

Did I mention that mosquitoes have the time of their lives this season because of all the puddles and stagnant water? Well, they do. And you do not want to be their victim.

Try as much as possible to install mosquito nets, use mosquito coils, and use mosquito sprays and mosquito repellant creams before heading out. 

6. Be cautious

An electric pole to depict being cautious this rainy season in Nigeria

To keep safe during the rainy season, beware of and avoid touching any electric wires or poles, especially ones that have fallen due to a downpour. Stepping on or touching those can lead to electrocution. 

Another thing to be cautious of is slippery and flooded roads, make sure to always drive carefully and be alert. Also, get your car in good condition before heading out.

7. Enjoy the great indoors

A board game to depict enjoying staying indoors this rainy season in Nigeria

If you do not need to step out when it rains, it’s best to stay indoors and make the most of it. There are many fun activities to do indoors too like board games, coffee dates, and so on. 


I hope these tips help you stay healthy and safe this rainy season.




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