10 fun activities to do on any beach in Africa

10 fun activities to do on any beach in Africa

Where's the first place people recommend for fun in the summer? The beach. You could put up a poll right now asking for the most summery place to visit and guess what? Someone or some people are definitely going to mention the beach. 

But apart from soaking your legs in the water for a few minutes, you don’t even know how many people have been there, or getting sunbathed which sometimes can just be the sun scorching you and just running around, what else Is there to do? 

Why's it such a big deal? 

Hate to break it to you but I think it's because there's a long list of genuinely fun activities to do at the beach you might not have tried yet and we're sharing a few with this post. 

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Fun activities to do on the beach

1. Collect seashells and colored glass

The beach is covered with thousands of little treasures like colored clear pebbles, seashells, and colored glasses.

The activity of looking for these treasures is called beachcombing. While beach combing is illegal on some beaches, it’s not on many others.

You might want to check with the beach authorities or online if the same beach you’re going to allows it. 

Once you get a yes, the next thing is to keep your eyes peeled for these little treasures.

2. Make and fly a kite

The beach makes for a great place to fly a kite. It’s airy and spacious, and the kites look beautiful against the water and sky’s backdrop.

Plus, it’s easy to make a Kite right there and then on the beach.

You just have to bring a few materials with you like a table cloth or plastic sheeting, 2 sticks, strings, scissors, and markers. Crafty and fun, alike. 

How to make a kite

3. Host a picnic 

Another fun thing to do at the beach is host a picnic.

All you have to do is plan before time, the beach-friendly and summer-y meals you’ll be having, preferably finger foods.

Then plan all that you need to take along like a large sheet, coolers, ice, or even, beach chairs. Invite friends over, play some music and have a good time.

4. Play frisbee 

A frisbee is a round plastic disc designed to glide or skim through the air when thrown.

It’s best as an outdoor activity and that’s why it’s on our list today. The game is played by participants throwing and catching the disc.

You can make it even more fun by adopting a point system.  

5. Read a book/magazine

You must have seen it in many movies where the actors relax on a beach chair or a towel on the beach, get sunbathed (after using sunscreen, of course), and take out their favorite books probably with a drink by their side.

If you’ve been putting off reading that book, the beach is a fun place to do so. Or you could just skim through magazines for the latest nail designs.

6. Build a sandcastle

Isn’t this for kids? Truth is, it’s for everyone.

If you’ve ever tried to build a sandcastle, you’ll know it’s more crafty than it seems plus it takes a lot of dedication.

The beach is perfect for making sandcastles cause it has the two ingredients you need; water and sand.

All you need to bring are little digging and carving tools. Works of art have been built here on the beach and it’s your turn to try that out. 

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7. Play board games

This one is an easy and accessible activity to do on the beach with your family and friends.

Find any board games you enjoy like chess, scrabble, or even playing cards, and bring them along for the beach trip. 

8. Have a water gun fight 

A water gun fight can be so much fun. Chasing your friends around and dodging water shots, the beach is perfect for it.

You just need some water guns and friends. 

Ps: you can turn this competitive by choosing teams and having a point system. The winners get to take a prize

9. Check the local beach activities 

Most beaches, especially private ones, offer activities like horse riding, jet skiing, or beach paintball.

Check with the beach attendants for all the activities that they offer and choose the ones that excite you. 

10. Send a message in a bottle

When you send a message in a bottle, it’s not only fun and movie-like, your message can be received by anyone from anywhere, how exciting is that?

People have been sending messages in bottles through the sea for years. First things first, use a glass bottle, not plastic as they are better for the sea and its creatures.

You want to get a clean glass bottle and have your message written neatly in a note, it could be something encouraging, a story, or even a love letter to a stranger. Add contact information if you like. 

See how to complete the process here.

Which of these activities would you be trying the next time you visit the beach? 

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