How to get your Nigerian voter’s card and what to do next

How to get your Nigerian voter’s card and what to do next

It is our civic responsibility as a brand that is proudly made in Nigeria to encourage all our Nigerian readers and audience to resist political apathy and get your permanent voter’s card or your temporary slip. 

We’ve, through this post, highlighted how to get this but first. 

Why is this important?

It is crucial for you to vote because it gives you a choice to vote for representatives that you feel would represent you and everyone in the country properly.

It also gives you a say in the affairs of the government that would directly affect you and everyone around you. If we do not vote, other people would make choices for us that we may end up complaining about for a long time. 

How to get your PVC/temporary slip

How to get your Nigerian permanent Voter's card/temporary slip

Please note that registration is proposed to end on the 30th of June, 2022.

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in the for New Portal User (if you’re registering for the first time).
  3. Go on to fill in other details required. You would need at least one source of identification.
  4. Choose an INEC registration center closest to you and book an appointment.
  5. If you are unable to successfully register online (because the deadline for online registration might have ended), head to an INEC registration center too. 
  6. To view all the registration centers available, see
  7. Be patient at the registration center as it may take a while. 
  8. Now that your biometrics are taken, you would be given a temporary slip and would be called upon later before the election to pick up your permanent voter’s card when it is printed.

What next? 

Now that you have your PVC/ temporary slip, make in-depth unbiased research on the political candidates running for various offices (not just the presidency) to eventually make your choice(s) before the election.

Don't be pressured or intimated by other people and their views but put everything into careful consideration.

Decide how you'll get to the polls and who you're going with and the hygiene precautions you would be taking. 

Get mentally and physically prepared for the election. 

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