What to wear to a pool or beach hangout

What to wear to a pool or beach hangout

Everyone loves the pool or the beach; getting refreshed with the water, taking some wine and playing games with friends, or just sitting by the pool or beach reading your favorite book, what better to relax and unwind? But it can be a real issue picking out exactly what to wear when going for a pool hangout. Not to worry, we got you covered. 

In this post, we invite Bella, a fashion stylist, and consultant to talk us through what to wear to a pool/beach. We also look at what to wear to any indoor hangout. The best part; this guide features African prints. 

Disclaimer: none of the images are ours. 

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The styling process

Let’s say you’ve been invited to a pool or beach hangout with your friends and you’re excited to be there. You could really use the fun. So you think of what to wear and after going through many online shops and Instagram accounts, you’re left confused and even flustered. 

To help with that, Bella tells us exactly what to consider when choosing an outfit so picking an option would be easy peasy. 

What clothing items can be worn to the pool/beach?

For Women

Bikinis (one-piece or two-piece), wrap skirts, headscarves, sheer midi skirts, sheer pants, denim shorts, kimonos, body suits, and so on.

Four African models wearing African print Bikinis (one-piece or two-piece) and body suits

For a more conservative look:

2 African women wearing conservative African Print bikinis/body suits by the water

Flip-flops, slides, a pair of sunglasses, tote bags, a mini bag, a summer/beach hat, and anklets for accessories. 

Four African Print accessories. 1. A bag 2. A purse and flip-flops 3. Sunglasses 4. Hat

For Men

Loose shorts, loose pants, button-down shirts, a pair of sunglasses, and slides. 

African print pool/beach look for men

“Now that you know what clothing items you can wear, you narrow down your pieces to the items that suit your style, your comfort (conservative or not), and your body shape.” 

What colors do you prefer?

What colors would you like your clothing items or accessories to be in?

Neutrals; white, black, and browns, bright colors; blue, red, pink and etc, pastels, or prints? 

After following this process, I’m sure you already know the right thing to wear to a pool/beach hangout in your preferred style yet still suit the environment. 

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? 

Dressing for any indoor hangout.

As with every other hangout, the first thing to consider in the styling process is what kind of indoor hangout have you been invited to. 

“Is it a Pajamas party, An hangout with a pool setting, the regular games, food, Netflix, and chill hangout with your pals, or an actual party but indoors? “

This helps you make a choice of clothes to wear, accessories and shoes to go with them, and whether or not to apply make-up.

So the steps when styling for an indoor hangout includes 

  1. Make a list of clothing items that suit the theme of the hangout
  2. Narrow it down to what you’re most comfortable in and that suits your style. 
  3. Pick a color you know you look good in and accessories to match. 

Voila! You’re all ready for your indoor hangout. 

PS: Remember that when accessorizing, more doesn’t necessarily mean better and you’re never fully dressed without a smile. 


“Hi, I’m Goddessbella of Bella’s Armario. I’m a fashion stylist, consultant, and a creative Director."

"I like to describe myself as a creative and detail-oriented mind with a vision, and it starts with styling. 

I think fashion is divine, hence the brand name Goddess Bella. With my business Bella's Armario, we go beyond fashion styling alone and delve into the creative process and consultancy. These are where my passion lies; Creative directing, a bit of mental health, and beauty inward and out.“

What's your favorite item to wear to a pool or beach hangout?

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