10 thoughtful Mother’s day gift ideas [2022]

10 thoughtful Mother’s day gift ideas [2022]

Mothers are special in many ways, they’re loving, kind and powerful. They’ve shown us all the great things that are possible. 

And for who they are and all they've done , we appreciate them.

But it can be difficult showing them just how much you love and appreciate them. 

For starters, you can use the opportunity on the 27th of March, which is Mother’s day to tell her you love her and if you’re a mother, you can use this opportunity to really let yourself love you.

Hey, you can even do that right now. 

And then go a step further by presenting a gift to them. Not just any gift, but a thoughtful one.

We know it’s not as easy as it sounds, that’s why we’re here to help.

Whether you’re here for gift ideas to get for yourself as a mother or you’re here for gift ideas to buy for your biological mother, foster mum or someone who you look up to as a mother, we’ve got you.

Here are 10 thoughtful Mother’s day gifts

1. Naddie Slipper(gold)

By Nyneandnuel 

Mother's day gift idea for 2022 1 - Naddie slipperrs from Nyneandnuel

Price: 8000 Naira

This comfortable and stylish slipper is a perfect gift for mother's day.

Order on their Instagram Page.

2. Reset yg’s basic plan 

By Reset yg

Mother's day gift idea for 2022  - Reset yg's basic plan

Price: 30,000 Naira. 

On this mother's day, gift confidence with Reset yg’s basic plan which includes a meal and exercise plan(No gym required) for 4 weeks, follow up twice a week, grocery list, bowel movement hacks and more.

Get Reset yg's basic plan on Instagram.

3. Serah Kassim's Gift card

By Serah Kassim

Mother's day gift ideas for 2022 - Serah Kassim's gift card

Price: from 10,398.51 Naira(from 25 US$)  

The best thing about gift cards is that it gives you freedom to choose and the better part is that at Serah Kassim, there’s a variety of lovely outfits and accessories that mothers would love. 

Shop the gift card.

 4. Mo organic’s Adufe set 

By Mo organics. 

Mother's day gift ideas for 2022 - Adufe set from Mo organics

Price: 9000 Naira. 

Another beautiful mother's day gift is the beauty set that consists of soap, toner and facial serum perfect for healthy skin. 

Order on Instagram.

5. Steve Madden Black Jelly Mules 

From Shoepify

Mother's day gift ideas for 2022 - Steve Madden Black Jelly mules from Shoepify

Price: 14,700 Naira 

Mothers love style and comfort and that's what these mules preach. They go with almost every outfit, elevating the look easily. 

Order on their website.

6. Braided wigs 

By Lalawigs 

Mother's day gift ideas for 2022 - braided wig from Lalawigs

Price: 50,000 Naira

The colors and weaves are just gorgeous. What’s cool is that Lalawigs lets you choose the colors and length of the wig. Your mum likes her braids long? Get it long. Short? Get it short. Does she like some other colors? Get that. 

Order on Instagram.

7. 10ML scented gel wax candles (with real roses)

By de.lumiere_ng

Mother's day gift ideas for 2022 - Scented candles from de.lumiere_ng

Price: 5990 Naira

Scented candles are perfect for relaxing and easing stress. They also make for great decor and a pleasant fragrance in the room. 

Order on Instagram.

8. African Print Bolanle Dress

By Serah Kassim 

Mother's day gift ideas for 2022 - African Print Bolanle dress from Serah Kassim

Price: 33,275.24 Naira 

African print Bolanle dress is another one of our favourites for mother's day. It's a sleeveless pinafore short dress

It's fun with its bright color and simple design and can be styled in many ways.

Order on the website.

9. The Complete Poetry by Maya Angelou 

From Rovingheight bookshop 

Mother's day gift idea for 2022 - The complete poetry by Maya Angelou from Rovingheights bookshop

Price: 8000 Naira 

This book is a collection of Maya Angelou’s poems including her inaugural poem “On the Pulse of Morning”. Throughout her career, Maya Angelou gifted, healed, and inspired the world with her words.

Thoughtful gift at its best.

Order on Instagram.

10. Photography Session 

With IjeWorks photography

 Mother's day gift ideas for 2022 - photography session from ijeworks

Pictures tells stories, they're art. This mother's day, gift a photography session to the special mother in your life and let them tell their stories through pictures. 

Book a session.


From this post, we hope you've been able to find the perfect gift for the mother in your life. 

Tell us in the comments which you would be getting and why. 

Happy mothers day to all mothers from us here at Serah Kassim.


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