Fashion trends from Lagos fashion week 2022 street style

Fashion trends from Lagos fashion week 2022 street style

The Lagos fashion week 2022 just concluded and it’s safe to say that it was phenomenal, especially for any fashion enthusiast. 

Attendees of the fashion week showed up in many styles, from formal to casual, over-the-top to grunge, and bold colors to all-black, there were edgy looks, prints, and accessories that made statements.

Now, whether you regard yourself as one who enjoys fashion or not, everyone needs style and in this post, we’re bringing you the best trends from the street style at Lagos fashion week 2022 to help your fashion game throughout this season. 

1. Blazers 

 Image credit - Okay Africa

Image credit - Okedeji Omoteso 

2. Prints

Image credits - Okay Africa, BN style, Tomi London, Okedeji Omoteso

3. Color 

Image credits - Bola Montana, Blackvelvet, BN style

4. Capes

Image credits - Rutie B, BN style

5. Vests and sweatshirts 

Image credit - Okedeji Omoteso

6. Black 

Image credit -  Okedeji Omoteso


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