10 summer activities to do in Nigeria

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria

Summer is more than just the weather. True, the weather in Nigeria is hot primarily all year round. But summer is about rest, warmth, name anything associated with sunshine.

With that established, the next question that may follow is - what does one do during the summer in Nigeria? After all, most of what we see regarding summer are not very applicable to us. 

Fret not! (in our super hero voice), we're here to help.

In this post, we share some activities to do here in Nigeria to enjoy this summer and make it one to remember.

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria

1. Go to a pool

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria - Go to a pool

Relaxing and just soaking in the pool is a go-to activity in summer because not only is it a way to get away from all the heat, it’s quite relaxing and is a good way to de-stress.

You can go with family or friends and play pool games or just have some alone time. 

2. Visit an ice cream shop or make ice-cream

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria - Visit an ice cream shop or make ice cream

Ice cream in summer is the regular ice cream goodness multiplied by 50. Whether it’s long swirls in an ice cream cone or a bucket that requires a better spoon cause plastic spoons won’t cut it, there’s no better way to enjoy summer than enjoying ice cream.

And I nudge you to take the fun a step further by trying new flavors, there are a variety of flavors to love (or hate).

Be a little experimental and try making ice cream yourself, tag us on Instagram @serahkassim when you do. We’ll love to see how that goes. 

3. Have bicycle rides

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria - Bicycle rides

Bicycles should make a comeback in your life now cause why not? It’s environmentally friendly and summer-friendly and let’s be honest, it’s fun(especially if there are a bunch of people running along, only true Nigerians can relate).

And if you don’t know how to, now’s a good time to learn how to ride a bicycle, head out to YouTube and start your journey.

You’re combining fun and excitement from learning something new. 

4. Have a mocktail hangout. 

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria - Have a mocktail hangout

Make mocktails out of summer fruits and invite people over. You can check for recipes or just make one up. Ice them and serve them to your friends.

Mocktails and laughter scream summer.

5. Go to a beach 

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria - go to a beach

Wait, you didn’t think this list would miss one of the best summer activities ever, did you? The beach!

Pack your beach wear, shades, a beach hat, some towels, a sandal, and some snacks and you’re good to go.

There are so many beaches in Nigeria with lovely sceneries, great food, and a whole lot of activities to do, it even deserves its own list.

You can ride horses, host a picnic, take a sunbath, play outdoor games, build a sandcastle, read, look for seashells, watch the sun set and rise, and so on. 

6. Play tennis

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria - play tennis

Another fun summer activity is to invite friends over for a game of long tennis or table tennis.

7. Make summer vlogs

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria - make summer vlogs

I love watching vlogs of people’s days. It’s fun and interesting and for the vlogger, it’s a way to document their day(s) with videos they can go back to anytime.

So a fun activity for you to do could be vlogging about your summer, the mundane and interesting things. You can decide whether or not to share it. 

8. Barbecue 

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria - make barbecue

Who doesn’t love a good grilled chicken or turkey? The smell, the hominess, the taste, the sauce, all that goodness in one place and it’s perfect for summer.

9. Build something 

10 summer activities to in Nigeria - build something

Get your hands working and playing by building something cool like an indoor obstacle course or miniature houses (these have been trending everywhere) or even let your inner child loose and build a cardboard rocket.

I did say at the start that summer is all about rest and fun. With just a few YouTube videos, you’ll see your imagination come to life.

10. Cook summer meals 

10 summer activities to do in Nigeria - cook summer meals

Summer meals have seasonal fruits, vegetables, and spices.

What food comes to mind when you think of sunshine or fun or the hot weather? Cook homemade food that screams summer to you. 


Tell us in the comments which of these activities you’ll be trying this summer.


  • Daniel

    nice read but not everyone can swim or ride bikes lol

  • Hassanat

    I’ll try my best to build something

  • Ogochukwu

    Really need to try them especially the table tennis cause in my head I sabi play like dieee

  • Ademide

    Definitely trying all these. Maybe exclude the biking thing

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