Fashion styling; the importance and general tips from a fashion stylist

Fashion styling; the importance and general tips from a fashion stylist

Every day, we dress up, and for some people, making fashion choices can be time-consuming and draining. 

Still, the importance of fashion styling is underplayed and in this post, we talk to a fashion stylist, Bella, on the importance of fashion styling and the general fashion tips to make your fashion decisions easier and more put together.

How Important do you think Fashion styling is to anyone?

Bella starts with the classic story of Adam and Eve with the apple and how the first thing after their eyes were open was to create the first piece of fashion. 

“In our society selling an image or brand has taken a big space and fashion styling has a key role to play in that because this can build perception. 

Just as image management has high importance in our society today, fashion styling has that same level of importance.”

Fashion styling is the art of styling clothes and accessories, putting together a look that is not only pleasing to the eyes aesthetically but it is also comfortable, suitable for the occasion, and the environment, and makes an individual feel good and confident. 

The daily look, either as a celebrity or a regular individual has to be in sync with your personal style and the key to getting that right is fashion styling. 

“So much can be said about a person, in fact, so much can be said to the world with how you style.”

Importance of fashion styling

1.You can create your signature statement style/look with how you clothe yourself and how your looks are always put together.

Yemi Alade in different bold African prints

Just as Yemi Alade always slays African prints…A perfect Duo😍

2. Your style can boost your confidence and the way you feel about yourself which makes you feel independent just like Beyonce. 

Kie Kie in different bold African prints

Kiekie is definitely our African Beyonce when it comes to being confident in prints.

 The general rules of styling

  • Never follow trends blindly (Dress for your body shape and comfort, not the trends). This right here is a rule worth emphasizing. 
  • Always respect balance- Make sure that your outfit and jewelry are in sync and perfectly accentuate each other. 
Nancy Isime in different bold African prints

Nancy Isime always makes a statement wearing African prints but with a balnce of accessories

  • Know and recognize the power of accessories- They have the power to transform a look when chosen well and when not done well, they can break your outfit. 
  • Wear clothes that fit you - Another rule that needs to be emphasized. 

Stay away from clothes that are ill-fitting or don’t suit your body shape. Just because the low skirt trend is out there right now doesn’t mean they are for everyone. 


Hi, I’m Goddessbella of Bella’s Armario. I’m a Fashion Stylist, Consultant, and a Creative Director. 

I like to describe myself as a creative and detail-oriented mind with a vision, and it starts with Styling. 

I think fashion is divine, hence the brand name Goddess Bella. With my business Bella's Armario, we go beyond fashion styling alone and delve into the creative process and consultancy. These are where my passion lies; Creative directing, a bit of mental health, and beauty inward and out. 

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