5 reasons you should spend your summer in Africa (2022)

5 reasons you should spend your summer in Africa (2022)

Short answer: Africa is awesome! Let me explain. 

So imagine this, maybe this is you already or a variation of your story. You've been saving up for a vacation, it's been over 2 years since you stepped out of your country, and now it's time to decide where exactly you should visit.
I'm sure you're met with many options. You take a poll with your family and friends and they give you all different answers, 'Maldives'  'Paris' 'Milan' 'New York'. 
Wonderful options but they still don't help you make your decision and now, you're thinking this post is one of them, another list of options to put in a pile of options. Huh, no. We won't do that to you. 
What this post aims to do though is not just add Africa to the long list but to give you 5 reasons Africa might just be your favorite summer spot. 
A worthy disclaimer is that we speak of Africa as a continent, that it is (and not a country). There are 52 countries in Africa and they're not the same but they all have these 5 wonderful things in common. 
Let's get down to it now, shall we? 

5 reasons you should spend your summer in Africa 

1. The perfect summer weather 

5 reasons you should spend your summer in Africa - Summer weather
Throughout the year, seasons change, and the countries in Africa don't follow the same pattern in weather as other countries on other continents.
It is not possible to generalize the climate in Africa but you can't go wrong with having a Safari or a beach getaway in Africa sometime from June to September(the typical summer time in Europe). 
The dry season in Southern Africa(where you find Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, and South Africa) typically lasts from April to October. 
The dry season in East Africa (where you find Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania) lasts from late June to September. Source 

And West Africa Is defined by high temperatures. 

The truth is that you can still be met with a heavy rainfall once in a while or some showers, nevertheless, it’s nothing to stop the fun. 

It's the perfect weather for summer. 

2. Break summer stereotypes

5 reasons you should spend your summer in Africa -Break summer stereotypes

Move past the regular summer stereotypes you see in the media. Summer does not need to look like palm trees or an exotic holiday (if that's your vibe, by all means, go for it). The season could be more. 

Enjoy summer in Africa with the busy nightlife in Lagos or the mountain climbing in Tanzania. Read a book under a baobab in Madagascar or visit the giraffes in Kenya. Get relaxed by the beaches or visit the bustling markets. 

Summer can be anything you want it to look like. 

3. Explore the amazing wildlife

5 reasons you should spend your summer in Africa - Wildlife in Africa

One thing Africa is widely known for is its wildlife. It's not all there is to the continent but it's a big part.

You can find the most unique and diverse species of animals and plants in the countries of Africa, from the Grey-crowned Crow that's featured on the flag of Uganda to Wildebeest in Tanzania and Kenya. 

If animals aren't your thing, maybe the Tulbagh satin flowers found in South Africa or hairy oxalis found in the Western part of Africa might interest you.

4. Take back thoughtful souvenirs

5 reasons you should spend your summer in Africa -Take back thoughtful Souvenirs

Image source

Without a doubt, everyone loves vacation Souvenirs. These things stir your memories back to the good times you had and can serve as gifts to anyone when you get back.

Do you know what's better? A Souvenir that's not just random from a grocery store (that happens, doesn't it?) 

You can bring back thoughtful souvenirs from all the places you visit like beads, sculptures, or any other form of art from the art markets (art in Africa is unique) or maybe, an African print outfit, a jewelry piece, or a locally made bag. 

You can even bring back things like a signed copy of a book or a framed polaroid of an animal you loved. The list is endless. Why's this distinctive? Africa is home to special things, places, and people. 

5. The hospitality

5 reasons you should spend your summer in Africa -Hospitality

Image source 

Africa is home to some of the most hospitable people in the world. It's part of the culture to receive people well, give, assist, care, and love. Despite any hardships an African might be facing, that still upholds. 

Having a vacation in Africa means meeting people who are happy you're there and are glad to show you around. 


The purpose of this blog post Is to make your vacation decision easy, I hope it's been able to do that. 

To find out where exactly to visit In Africa this summer, we made a list just for you. Find the best summer vacation spots in Africa




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