A simple beginner’s guide to Skin-Care with Desire Uba

A simple beginner’s guide to Skin-Care with Desire Uba

The skin is the largest organ in the body and plays a vital role in every human, yet we rarely treat it as important.

Imagine you didn’t have any skin for a bit, not a good sight, right? It’s also one of the most vulnerable parts of our body as it’s open to all sorts of things from infections to sharp objects and yet, we don’t hold it in high esteem. 

But that’s where skincare comes in. Skincare is the practice, as implied by the phrase, of taking good care of your skin. From the face to the toes.

It’s not just an Instagram or TikTok trend or some unnecessary routine to add to the busy-ness of your day, this is as important as any other health care activity. 

On this note, we decided to invite Desire Uba, a Pharmacist, certified in Cosmetic Sciences, to our blog and a Q & A session about her and skincare.

There are many things to learn from this post as a beginner, like why skin care is key, the first steps to take when beginning a skincare journey, what skincare product everyone should have, and other skin care tips.

But first,

Who is Desire Uba?

“I call myself the PCC in the cosmetic industry. Professionally, I am a Pharmacist, certified in Cosmetic Sciences, and currently studying the European Master in Translational Cosmetic and Dermatological Sciences, as an ERASMUS+ Scholar.”

Her zeal for writing and content creation led her to be a digital creator in the skincare and lifestyle space. 

“The second C stands for Consumer. I LOVE skincare- talking about, understanding, using, and even retailing them through Dee Skin Store. Overall, I’m a professional, creator, and consumer.”

See Desire on Instagram or on her blog.

How did she get into this field?

“In pharmacy school, I was one of the few people who had a cleanser and scrub (even though I didn't fully understand know what they were) so I guess I had subconsciously cared for my skin for a while. The paradigm shift came in 2017/ 2018 when I had a terrible irritation with a skincare product I tried (after only 3 days of use.)”

It was so bad that it affected her in ways she didn't fully understand at the time. From that time on, she became more conscious about her skin. 

“And just like most things we pay attention to, my interest grew- and is still growing.”

Why is skin care important?

“The skin is the largest organ in our body. It covers our other organs and protects us from harm from stressors and pollution while giving us immunity from diseases like skin cancer, bacterial infections, and even liver diseases.”, Desire answers.

“It protects us from cold or heat too, and irritating molecules that can destroy internal organs. It also helps to provide important substances we need for our overall health, like Vitamin D.”, she added and followed that by a question that might need you to pause for a minute. 

Why won't you take care of what protects everything else??

“Taking care of our skin is vital because you're ensuring that this protective organ has what it needs to perform its best for the longest time. However, as we get older, the inherent ability of the skin to protect us reduces, so we need to amp up that protection with proper practices and skincare.”

Now that we've seen the importance of skincare, the next question to ask is 

What are the first steps to take when beginning a skincare journey? 

“The first step is the know what you intend to achieve. Are you just looking to maintain healthy skin? Or do you have skin concerns like acne or hyperpigmentation?”, Desire answers.

“When you have done this, you need to know your skin type and the weather conditions where you live. These simple factors also influence the skincare products you should use.” 

The trick is to start simple and build up. Don't try to treat everything at once.

Beginner skin care tips

“My top tip is that if you can afford to, consult a professional for your skin concerns. Book an appointment with a dermatologist/ aesthetician to begin your journey. “, she replies.

“Another vital thing to note is that PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY are your best friends. Some ingredients can take 6-12 months to give significant results, while others work immediately. Please be patient.”, Desire added. 

Something else she pointed out is that what works for A may not work for B, so you shouldn’t copy people's skincare routines without considering your own peculiar needs. It can be disastrous.

“ALWAYS keep your skin hydrated. Drink water, and apply hydrating toners/ serums/ moisturizers on your skin daily to keep your skin barrier healthy. It is such a crucial part of skincare.”

Again she mentioned the need to always start small and build from there. While doing this, it is more important to have products tailored to your skin needs, not what is popular or what other people are using.

And NEVER skip sunscreen!

Are sunscreens that important? 

“YES! Sunscreens protect you from the harmful effects of the rays from the sun - especially UV and visible light. These rays interact with the skin cells, damaging them and leading to premature skin aging shown by fine lines, wrinkles, and some skin growths.”

Read more about the importance of sunscreens and what to look for in a sunscreen product 

Some of Desire’s favorite sunscreens for dark skin that meet most (or all) of the necessary criteria are SOS SPF 50 Sun Cream, Rohto Mentholatum Skin Aqua SPF 50+/ PA++++, Nivea Super Water Gel SPF 50/ PA+++.

Check out links to these products and more of her sunscreen recommendations.

What are the skin care products everyone should have?

“I am a big fan of short routines because I understand that people don't have the time, money, or energy for elaborate ones. To maintain healthy skin, you should have a cleanser/ wash, antioxidant serum/ toner, moisturizer (often called cream/ lotion), and sunscreen, at least.”

Ultimate beginner's skincare routine

To round off, Desire pointed out that Skincare is self-care. “It should also be enjoyed. It’s a continuous process, definitely a road trip, not a flight. So, be patient with yourself and your skin.”

“I also believe it’s important for people to realize that skincare is skin health. This is an organ in your body- treat it as such. Better times are ahead!”, she added.

We’ve learned so much from this post and we hope you have too. Send to a friend too to share the knowledge.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments.


  • Jedidiah

    never knew skincare could be as simple as this!

    sunscreen for dark skin though, is it necessary? i read that the risk of skin cancer and other health issues from the UV radiation of the sun on dark skin is very minimal and much more unlikely compared to a Caucasian skin.

    ps. this website is aesthetic asf!

  • Ademide

    This is soo helpful with the right amount of detail. I want to get into skincare routines too but so many opinions out there. So it’s really nice to see a simple breakdown>

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