Family-friendly restaurants in Lagos to visit this Christmas

Family-friendly restaurants in Lagos to visit this Christmas

It is that season of the year when the family comes together and spends quality time with one another. Whether that means playing games, exchanging gifts, or having arguments about the mundane things of life, If there’s one thing we know, it’s that nothing completes the Christmas celebrations other than good food. 

That’s why in this post, we’ve spoken to Taiwo Kamson, the founder of “Foodie in Lagos” – a food blog that talks about all things food and drinks in the city of Lagos on what family-friendly restaurants you can visit this Christmas. Not only would you be spending quality time with your family, but you’d also enjoy good food without the stress of being in the kitchen. So if that sounds good to you, keep reading.  

First, we asked Taiwo one main question;

How does food play a major role during the holiday season? Particularly Christmas 

“During holidays or festive seasons, food becomes more than something to consume. It serves as a trigger that allows bonding.”

She goes on to say that everyone loves food and whenever you show up at any place or event during the holidays, it usually means you’d get to have a meal.

“Food is one of the reasons people desire to show up in some places otherwise it would feel like an office meeting.”

She also chipped in that if you’re like her and you enjoy eating a lot of fruit cakes, you’re in for a treat every holiday season as they are usually popular during this time.

Family-friendly restaurants to go to during Christmas? 

1. Cactus 

Why? They have a friendly and affordable menu with lots of deserts plus there's a play area for the kids as well. The ambience is nice and welcoming. There are also vegan options on the menu. 


2. La Chaumiere

Why? There's a playground for the kids. Pastries and sweets are served as well and the menu has diverse options.

It also has a family-friendly sitting arrangement. 

3. Pit Stop

Why? It's colorful and vibrant and feels homely. The menu options are also nice and welcoming for a family. 

"Pit Stop Lagos is a wellness, fitness, and cycling inspired cafe. It’s situated in a quiet area in Victoria Island"

Read the full review.


4. The Wine Lab

Why? It has a nice play area for kids. The food and wine selection are also really good.

"The Wine Lab Restaurant is a vineyard-themed restaurant located in Victoria Island. There is a playground situated outside. There’s also an outdoor bar and outdoor seating available."

Read the full review.

The wine lab restaurant, Lagos

Bio of our guest 

"I'm Taiwo Kamson, the founder of “Foodie in Lagos” – a food blog that talks about all things food and drinks in the city of Lagos. Basically, we review food, products, and restaurants."

How she got started. 

"I’ve always been involved with food since I was younger watching my mum and helping her out. As I got older and could afford to dine out, I found that there were no guides or reviews to check before dining out, and as such, it was a gamble knowing what would be a hit or miss. I thought to myself since no one was doing it. I could start a blog and share my dining experiences beyond my friendship circles and that is how Foodie in Lagos was born in March 2015" 

Merry Christmas everyone and check out foodieinlagos for restaurant reviews before dining out.

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