5 fashionable bags every woman should own (by material)

5 fashionable bags every woman should own (by material)

Bags are one of the most functional and fashionable fashion items that exist. Dating back to ancient times when people carried pouches and in 1852, when the first paper bag machine was made, they were and still are works of art and timestamps of different periods.

They've always been a staple for fashion and functions such as gathering small things like berries and stones to having temporary storage for any item like your phone, books, keys, and so on, anything you need to carry around. 

Bags, to many, are considered an investment. They go far beyond carrying things and can be seen as a way to stand out, bring more life to an outfit, or to even showcase one’s personality and taste.

Everyone owns bags no matter where, who they are, or if they consider themselves fashionable. We all need bags. 

Yet finding the right kind of bag, especially as a stylish lady can be a hassle. There are many questions to ask like how functional this bag is, and what can fit into it. Does it fit your style? Is it durable? Is it different from what you already own?

In this post, we're sharing 5 fashionable kinds of bags you should own, not based on function (tote bags, shoulder bags, cross bags, shoulder bags, or clutch) but instead based on materials used to make them.  

The highlighted bags in this post are the perfect cross between trendy and timeless, modern and classic, stylish and functional so keep reading to find out more.

Classic leather bags

This type of bag is the ultimate classic bag. Every woman has a classic brown or/and black leather bag in her closet, they also come in various colors and are a chic addition to any wardrobe.

Leather is one of the most durable materials and dates back as far as 5000BC. As people traveled, they desired a durable, quality, and long-lasting bag and that’s what leather provided and still does.

Today, classic leather bags can be styled with work/formal outfits such as a shirt and shirt or a suit.

 Ankara/Adire bags

Native to Africans, the Ankara or Adire materials have been used in the clothing industry for a long while and are part of our culture.

They are now being used to make authentic African bags. The accessory artists make use of other materials such as lining, cardboard, foam, leather, clamps, and so on to make these bags.

The bold and colorful prints are perfect for any outing/event. 

 Straw bags

Typically made of raffia or bamboo, a straw bag,  originating from France, is a sturdy basket-like bag. Other materials used include natural burlap/hessian fabric.

The bag is mostly weaved by trained personnel and just from looking at them, you can tell the amount of work, creativity, and passion that was put into them.

Contrary to how they may look, they are soft to the touch, comfortable to wear around, and lightweight. We love them because they're versatile and give that French girl feel. 

Pair them with a playsuit to the beach or a flowy gown to any event. 

Beaded bags 

They are back in style and we love that. Made out of various types of beads, these bags can hold whatever you have to put in.

Thought of, in the past, as boring or limited, people have started to put a spin on it and we've seen the emergence of creative beaded bags with different sizes, shapes, colors, and types of beads. 

What we at Serah Kassim love about beaded bags is that they make a statement no matter where you go. 

Pair them with any minimal outfit you wear to give that pop or pair them with colorful outfits to go all out.

Crochet bags

A personal favorite, crochet bags came back in style due to the pandemic which got many people thinking of their childhood hobbies and DIYs, and that included crochet. 

These bags are made of mostly worsted weight, bulky, super bulky, or t-shirt yarn for big bags and light yarns for smaller bags. They are made by crochet artists using crochet hooks.

What makes them stand out is that they can be made in a large variety of bag styles and colors with different techniques of crochet. Plastic canvas, lining, starch, and other materials/techniques are used to give the bag stability. 

They're just so pretty and can be styled with any outfit.


Which Is your favorite type of bag and why? 

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