Life at Serah Kassim; Episode 2 with Olawaunmi Olabintan

Life at Serah Kassim; Episode 2 with Olawaunmi Olabintan

Tom Ford once said “Both film and fashion are businesses where the audience doesn’t feel or see the work that goes on behind the scenes”. Source 

Behind every fashion item is a team of people putting ideas and materials together, making it all work and in this post, we want to shed a light on one of the people behind it all. 

“The thing about African fashion is that it’s not something that can be covered or taken away from us”, Olawunmi Olabintan says in a short chat with her.

Olawunmi was born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. She studied Office Technology and Management at Yaba college of technology and now she works as the operation manager here at Serah Kassim. 

Olawunmi’s role here is a vital one, she monitors inventory and takes notes of everything that has to do with production at the store from cutting to sewing to finishing and packaging. Her one aim is to deliver quality with every order while making sure the process is smooth. 

Today, we asked her a couple of questions. 

Why did you choose to work in the fashion industry? 

“Before I took a role here at Serah Kassim, I’ve always loved fashion, new clothes, parties, and party wears. I know I have a good eye for good clothes. So when I saw the role open at Serah Kassim, it was quick for me to pick it up”, Olawunmi explains.

On Beginnings And Growth.

“I didn’t see myself working in the fashion industry when I was younger but considering that I’ve always liked fashion, when I found myself working in the fashion industry, it was easy to enjoy it. I could tap into that little fashion sense I’ve had and develop on it. I’m happy I’m here”

“I started with Serah Kassim in 2019 and over time, I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned about fashion, especially with women, i've learnt how to deal with clients, and a lot about customer service ”. 

Olawunmi goes on to remember the time she went for training on customer service and how it has helped her grow her skills for the brand and for herself. 

What do you think of the African Fashion Scene? 

“The thing about African fashion is that it’s not something that can be covered or taken away from us” 

“At the end of the day, we like that African vibe, we have our prints, our showing up is different, our styles are different and no matter where you find yourself, there’s always a touch that says ‘I’m an African’, even to food, speech and the way we associate with people”

What do you do for fun? 

“I enjoy weekend parties, typical owambes. Due to my work schedule, on weekends, I like resting, sleeping, and just being indoors ”

3 things you're currently loving 

“I’m loving the fashion industry and the fact that I’m here. I’m also loving my growth right from when I was joggling school and work to graduating and learning more. I’m also grateful that I've got God by my side”

Your vision of Serah Kassim in a few years

“I see Serah Kassim being the largest Afrocentric retailer in the world, not just Nigeria. Where people would think of Serah Kassim when African prints or bespoke is mentioned”


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