10 simple short and stylish nail designs you should try right now

10 simple short and stylish nail designs you should try right now

 We’ve compiled a list of 10 simple nail designs that are absolutely stylish and short enough to open a can without any hassle (cause why not?)

The feeling of having your nails done cannot be compared to any other. It’s not just fashionable, we at Serah Kassim consider it self-care. 

You can express yourself, your personality, and your style with any design you choose. Whether it’s plain black nails or something more artistic, you can show this on a beautiful canvas, your nails. Plus everyone can see and appreciate it. 

Now if you want this feeling and style but are also stuck typing on a daily basis, cooking delicious meals, or just in the mood for short nails, here are a few options you can show your nail tech and get done. 

1. Different shades



Choose the primary color and have different shades of that color on your fingers. You can go minimal by choosing brown or grey or go all out with blues and greens. 

2. Black and white




You can never go wrong with the classic black and white nail designs. There are a bunch of lovely ones and we especially love this minimal design with the nude background and black lines 

3. Pop of color 



The colors at the tip just add that splash of color to the nails that can instantly brighten up your day. Choose your favorite colors and incorporate them into any design.

4. Chrome



This almond-shaped nail with a purple chrome design is simple and elegant. Plus it shines like you.

5. Nude



You can have just plain nude nails or add a little design to them. Either way, you end up with cute short nails. 

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6. Animal prints



From cheetah spots to zebra stripes, you can’t miss with animal print nails. The nature inspired nail design can be made from a number of colours.

7. Clouds 



Maybe my favorite. The simple yet really cute cloud nail design speaks to my inner Pinterest self. Aesthetic much

8. Wiggly lines



When in doubt, make some wiggly or curved lines with any color or combination of colors. 

9. Prints



Don’t you just love this? The colors work so well together and this design could easily be an African Wax Print.

10. Dazzle 



A little razzle-dazzle with glitter and stones to end our list. 


Which is your favorite? 

Follow our Pinterest nail design board for more nail designs.  




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