About Us

Serah Kassim  is a made in Nigeria retail brand that uses Afrocentric clothing to promote African textiles for Women. 

With her love for fashion and passion for self expression through African clothing, Nigerian born Serah Kassim launched Serah Kassim in 2017 with the main aim of helping women make outfit that fits, and in March 2020, she relaunched the brand as a retail brand. Serah Kassim is a fun, comfortable, vibrant line centered on inspiring black women of different forms to feel included, and confident in a Serah Kassim piece. 


Every Serah Kassim piece is made with Love and great attention to quality.

Why? If you ask me:

I grew up into a Family of Tailors. My mum and

Grandma who both knew how to sew. I liked the idea of sewing and everything in between but I knew it had to be more than that, I wanted it to be. I wanted women of different forms to feel confident in a SerahKassim piece. Every time I see a Serah Kassim woman , I want her  to feel free,“


To become Africa’s Largest Afrocentric Retail brand, providing Afrocentric Fashion for Women. 


To build Serah Kassim into the Largest African Fashion retail brand women trust, and genuinely feel confident in whilst using Afrocentric clothing to promote African textiles.


  • Customer Centered
  • Integrity 
  • Excellence
  • Happiness
  • Commitment to constant growth. 
  • Positive and Energetic Mindset.
  • Value creation within the community  
  • Commitment to teamwork