Life at Serah Kassim; an African fashion brand that truly cares

Life at Serah Kassim; an African fashion brand that truly cares

Every brand has its core values and for us here at Serah Kassim, our core values are the important pillars of the brand. 

Serah Kassim is a made in Nigeria Afrocentric Retail brand that uses Afrocentric clothing to promote African textiles. It's an African fashion brand that truly cares.

The Serah Kassim brand officially launched in 2018, after receiving the seed grant from the Tony Elumelu Foundation in 2017. At Serah Kassim, the goal is to empower African Women with the right fit to feel beautiful and confident in a well-tailored garment. 


Our CEO, Serah Kassim, answers "If you ask me, I grew up into a family of tailors. My mum and grandma both knew how to sew. I liked the idea of sewing and everything in between but I knew it had to be more than that, I wanted it to be. I wanted women of different forms to feel confident in a Serah Kassim piece. I want the Serah Kassim woman to feel free." 

The mission for this African Fashion brand has been and continues to be - to build Serah Kassim into a fashion retail brand women can trust, be confident in and relate with using African clothing made from African textiles while creating premium value for the African woman. 

As a woman-owned business with a team of brilliant, hardworking women, Serah Kassim continues to put care at the front. 

It's only right that this month, as we celebrate women and their contributions, we let you in on what makes this brand much more than just another African fashion business. 

Our values

1. Care for you, our audience. 

Core values of an African Fashion brand- Integrity and care for our audience

This includes integrity.

How many times have you come across a brand that feels almost robotic? Like there's no human feel to it?

At Serah Kassim, it's an important part of our brand to recognize all the women who make the brand what it is and that's you, the audience.

We recognize, as an African fashion brand that we are serving women who have needs, who have emotions, who are looking for outfits to be themselves.

To feel bold and confident. From the designs to the making of and to all the content put out, we put our audience first. 

Being transparent with our dealings and caring for you every step of the way.



2. Care for the team.

Core values of an African Fashion brand-  Care for the team

You've heard stories, read in the news or in reports, or you may have first-hand experience of hardships and poor working conditions of staff in companies. 

At Serah Kassim, our team is a priority.

To understand and care for the people who are behind the scenes, making sure everything is well put together, holding the values of the brand, and promoting it, that's important to us.

Great working conditions are a must at this African fashion brand.



3. Confidence.

Core values of an African Fashion brand- Confidence

We know that it's more than just clothing, it's more than just fabric, it's being comfortable in your skin and with your outfit that it begins to exude confidence.

This is why we do this. Fashion is a language, it communicates and with Serah Kassim outfits, we want to communicate confidence. We want you to feel from our African fashion brand a strong sense of worth and confidence.



4. Friendship.

Core values of an African Fashion brand-  Friendship

Humans need company. No one is an island and we understand the need to feel seen, heard, and loved especially as African women.

That's why friendship is a core value to us here at Serah Kassim.

We're not just selling, we aspire to build a lasting relationship with our audience.

You are part of a family of powerful women building an African fashion brand we all are proud of, you are part of a community.



5. Excellence.

Core values of an African Fashion brand- Excellence

A vital part of our brand Is that everything is done excellently.

From the fabrics to the designs, the sewing and packaging process down to content for our site and social media.

You deserve nothing less than excellence. 



  These are Serah Kassim's core values, amongst the other steps we take as an African fashion brand to ensure that we care for you. 

We just launched our Instagram page called @lifeatserahkassim.

A page dedicated to showing you the behind-the-scenes, the process, the values, the team behind every piece of clothing, and content. 

Check it out

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