5 things you didn’t know exist in Nigeria

5 things you didn’t know exist in Nigeria

Pop quiz - Which of these animals do you think exist in Nigeria? A. Gorillas B. Pangolins C. Elephants D. All of the above

Is that your final answer? 

If you chose anything apart from D, you should definitely read this post till the end because you’ve got some interesting things to learn about Nigeria. 

And if you chose D, ding ding ding, correct, read till the end of the post to find out more interesting things that exist in Nigeria. 

5 things you didn’t know exist in Nigeria

1. The Alok Itom monoliths

The Alok Itom monoliths in Cross River State, Nigeria

These are the series of volcanic-stone monoliths (large upright carved stones) arranged in circles from Alok Ikom in cross river state, Nigeria.

They are dated to be about 1500 years old and were added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2008.

They've each been carved delicately with outlines and facial features and they make us stare in awe.

Read more about the Alok Itom Monoliths.

2. Golf courses

Golf courses in Nigeria

Image source

What comes to your mind when golf is mentioned? Maybe not an average Nigerian.

Some of us might be aware but since golf is not a common sport here in Nigeria, it might surprise you to know that there are several top golf courses in Nigeria from the Lakowe Lakes in Lagos to the IBB International Golf and Country Club, Abuja, and the Smoking Hills Golf Resort, Ondo.

Green grasses, lakes, lovely trees and a calming sport. Add that to the bucket list.

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3. Gorillas

 Cross-river Gorillas in Cross River, Nigeria

Image source

They are called the cross-river Gorillas and they’re an endangered species here in Nigeria.

They live in Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, the Mbe Mountains, and the Okwangwo Division of Cross-River and were thought to be extinct for years till they were recently found and are now protected by conservationists.

The vegetarian primates live in family groups and they share share 98.3% of their DNA with humans (fact check). 

Learn more about the Gorillas.

 4. Caves

Ogunike cave in Nigeria

If I remember my cartoons correctly, cavemen lived in caves but caves like the Ogbunike caves in Anambra State, Nigeria served as more than that.

They provided shelter and protection during the slave trade in the pre colonial times and in the Nigerian civil war. They also served, and still do, as spiritual support for people.

The Ogbunike cave is a system of connected caves that was said to have been discovered some 4000 years ago. 

Read more on Ogbunike caves.

5. Suspended lakes

iyake suspended lake in Oyo Nigeria

A lake on a mountain? Yep. The Iyake suspended lake is a suspended lake that sits beautifully, close to the peak of the Ado Awaye mountain in Oyo state.

Its depth is unknown and there are ancient myths that surround it.

Do you know what’s cooler? 

There are only two suspended lakes in the world. One in Colorado, USA, and another here in Nigeria.

Read about the Iyake suspended lake.

Do you know other rare things exist in Nigeria? Tell us in the comments.

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